Earn More Money Sure with Blog Read Tips in Hindi


Click Here and Read in Hindi

You are think make money with a blog, Yes you can earn money with a blog by Google Adsense program. Blogger.com its free for making a blog hosting and easy-to-create and customize it with simple tricks and you can built-in Adsense program. Adsense is pay per click advertising program in which advertisers pay Adsense to give ads on their behalf while web publishers get paid a small payment whenever a blog or site visitor clicks on an ad placed on your blog or site. Build your own Adsense-enabled blog and work towards some additional income.

Instructions for earn money with blog:

  • Google Adsense program to give you adds (Advertise) for place your blog or website and when a visiter click on add, so give pay money to you. Means more visitor, more clicks on adds, more income
  • Now some terms for Adsense, first create a blog and start positng, Adsense requires that Create top-quality content of posts that provides your visitor with useful information. Write with right grammar and spelling. Write short, concise, posts that make readers want to bookmark your site and follow you ever or everyday. You make blog SEO (Search Engine Friendly) for improving page ranking on google or other search engine.
  • Share your blog post on many social networking site as Facebook, Google+, Likedin, Stumble, Twitter and add your site in search engine as google, bing etc. for increase your blog readers and traffic
  • When your blog is 6 months old (for Indians & China) you are ready to apply Google Adsense program.
  • Way to register for Google Adsense:

Log in to your Blogger Dashboard, click on the “Monetize” tab, and fill in the required details. Adsense will check your site for legitimacy and viable content. Once your blog has been approved by Google Adsense, populate your site and earn money with ads.


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